The Revd Wyn Beynon


We asked him who he was
and he said

I am you
when you’ve stopped blaming yourself for the things you didn’t do
and the things you did

I am you
when you’ve stopped making excuses
and accepted who you are

I am you
when you’ve given up trying to earn your way to heaven
I am you
when you’ve at last accepted that life is what you’ve been given by me

I am the Magi’s 3 gifts
I am child full of meaning
In the temple honestly cheeky and adolescent
I am youth exploring meaning

At the river dipped and dripping
I am adult declaring meaning

At the wedding wined and dined
and wined some more
I am maturing
exploring meaning again

On the cross and in the resurrection
I am fully human and full of meaning

Wyn Beynon (c) 2013