The Revd Wyn Beynon



Once upon a time there was road. 

It was a well built road with a pavement. 
People walked along alone or in groups. 
Oddly there were no cars, just walkers on the pavement. 
But they liked the road. 
In one place there was roundabout complete with lights 
and chevron signs, and direction signs, and speed limits, and cats eyes, and white lines. 
It was magnificent. 
And groups would love to get to the roundabout. 

There were people there who were experts about the roundabout. 
They would talk knowledgeably about the lamp standards and bulbs, 
about the ironworks and drains, 
about the camber and the meaning of all the lines and signs. 

They would walk round and round the roundabout 
and eventually the roundabout began to look worn. 
and there lots of people maintaining the roundabout,
and more and more people became roundabout experts.

Just now and then someone would look further up the road and walk away, exploring further on.
It had no tarmac
and they made the road by walking* 

But most of the people at the roundabout, if they noticed at all, 
just could not understand why anyone would want to walk further down the road 

and leave the roundabout behind.

Wyn Beynon (c) 2014

* We make the road by Walking is a title of a great resource by Brian Maclaren