The Revd Wyn Beynon


The Church is not
one thing amongst others

The Church is not
a place to clock on in the morning of faith
or clock off when kindly death
hands us our last pay packet

The Church is not
where we speak the truth
but where the truth grows in us
one joke at a time

The Church is not
the institution of cloaks and cassocks
nor the offices of  such dedicated people as us
but the slipped moment
when we greased some human exchange
and lives were renewed just by being there

The Church is not
for propagating doctrines
or recruiting members
but for seeding faithfulness
and caressing the broken limbs of life

The Church is not
the custodian of ideas
but serotonin for the frazzled nerves
easing connections
so that depression can find joy 

The Church is not
an agency of
Music to the Kingdom's dance
Word to the the Kingdom's play

Wyn Beynon (c)2013