The Revd Wyn Beynon

The Church does NOT have a Mission

The Church

is commissioned  - beginning things together

does transmission - passing on the dynamics of faith, hope and love....

encourages intermissions - space is central

Just "mission" always has a bit missing at the front

which is why it frustrates the Church

The Church is about

admission,  letting others in

submission, serving

remission, forgiving, forgiving and forgiving again

but never just mission

we know about omission - things that we deliberately did not do

we deal with emission - because there's always rubbish

we certainly have the task of  photoemission - we are to be light for the world

sometimes we are concerned with pretermission - the grace of knowing what to leave or let pass

often we have to decommission - allowing things to end, celebrating death as release and completion

but never just mission

we need to learn and teach intromission - the journey inwards, that alone bears good fruit

we are always about manumission - setting free to live

we enable some to receive dismission - especially in peace

we give permission - for each to be themselves, who God meant them to be

but never, never, ever just mission

Wyn Beynon (c)2014