The Revd Wyn Beynon

This was the only question asked of each of us who stood for General Synod October 2015

Q1 Should the Church reconsider its position on same-sex marriage, the ministry of those who have undertaken a same-sex marriage, and the solemnising (or blessing) of same-sex marriages in Church? (David Hammonds, Kingswinford Deanery Synod)



An Anglican imagination:

Lex Orandi Lex Credendi:

historically adapting and changing liturgy to express more clearly the Spirit’s evolving revelation.


to be read after reading the book of nature (Hooker) creatively embracing the ambiguities, contradictions and errors as well as the beautiful revelation of God-who-is-love. Prima, not Sola, Scriptura. Many scriptural marriage models emerge.


Polygamy, concubines, women as goods, arranged marriages, (nearly all male headship) taboos on inter-racial and inter-class marriage, accepting  infidelity amongst ruling classes, through to mutual-love marriage and serial mono/polygamy - there is no consistent idea of “traditional marriage”.


Evolving humanity is technologically more able to obey the Genesis injunction to grasp creation and our own evolution. Science clearly shows that Male and Female do not mean what we once thought, being both/and not either/or. Homosexuality is normal and usual.


Many marriages both straight, and gay like my daughter and daughter-in-law’s, are beautiful.

Beauty is the best reason and why I see God blessing them and the Church grieving God in its fear of homosexuality. “Perfect love casts out fear.”

Revd Wyn Beynon