The Revd Canon Wyn Beynon

 An Inclusive Church?

An Inclusive Church includes those who are not inclusive, so the individuals who believe that only males can be priests (The Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda) or that men have authority over women (Reform etc) are individually full and beloved members of the Church. But their theologies are not legitimate any more, even if they were 'normal' in the past.Slavery was normal in the past.....

The Holy Spirit is telling us to move on. That's the prophetic voice we must hear.

I pray the individuals people, each one a beloved child of God, flourish in our Church, but I pray their theologies wither away since I deeply believe that is the purpose of God in creation - for us to fully realise what it means to be human.

This is why we must always play the ball not the woman or man kicking it! And every "side" in this long debate has been guilty of foul tackles, even me, I fear. Mea culpa.

When we simply cannot hold contradictions together any more, because they mutually cancel each other out,  then we need to recognise that maybe the different denominations are God's merciful way of letting Christians respect each other and avoid killing each other.

I am member of the national group called "Inclusive Church" and the logo links to the web site, which is well worth exploring....